Kelsey C

Kelsey has always been interested in a wide range of different topics, people, places, and things. Case and point: she went to school to become either a screenwriter or an anthropologist, but quickly transitioned into a career focusing on outdoor expeditions!

Throughout the last few years, Kelsey has been everything from a high-ropes climbing instructor, to a professional speaker, to a corporate events coordinator.
Every role she has taken on has been exciting and adventurous in its own way, and she loves the adrenaline rush she gets from being in front of a crowd.

Kelsey doesn’t just look for excitement in her work either. She also enjoys hobbies that help push her to try new things. Whether she’s on an epic quest as part of her Dungeons & Dragons group, learning how to sail on the open waters, or hiking through mountains on an adventure abroad – Kelsey loves new and exciting experiences.