Heather Z

Heather’s childhood started in the warm summer sun. Growing up surrounded with beaches and palm trees Heather has always loved the beach, sand and surf. Today she has also grown to love snowboarding, hiking and adventuring in the wilderness. Heather is always seeking out adventure and has a reputation of being a bit of a daredevil.

Heather began running events in the hospitality industry while she was in college. Her passion for leadership and event planning started there and hasn’t wavered. After college, she dove into working with a local non-profit where she planned and hosted events for youth. Heather’s passion for leading others and seeing the smiles on people’s faces drove her to join our team.

With a passion for meeting new people and learning about different cultures around the world, Heather has spent a great deal of time travelling. Her passion for travel and adventure is also the reason that her favourite team building activity is The Amazing Chase.

When she’s not on an adventure or running a team building activity Heather is likely walking her cat, swimming, or immersing herself in arts and crafts.